Alaska Motorcycle Manual Online

We’ve got you covered. To be sure that you’re ready to ride through Alaska safely and knowledgeably, you’re going to want to become familiar with the information in the Alaska Motorcycle Manual below. It’s a great first step as you prepare for the state required motorcycle written test.

Preparing With the AK Motorcycle Manual

The AK motorcycle manual is the ideal resource to prepare you for your motorcycle test when used along with our Alaska motorcycle permit practice test. Our study material has state specific question and answers covering some of the same material found on the official test.  Start preparing now and soon you’ll have your license to explore the open road!

Topics Covered in the Manual

The Alaska Motorcycle Operator’s Manual is published by the Alaska Department of Administration Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and covers the following topics.

Getting ready to ride – proper gear, motorcycle check and familiarity
Safety control – posture and positioning, handling turns, braking, gear shifting
Ensuring that you’re seen – proper clothing, headlights and signalling and your horn
Preparing for trouble – road and traffic conditions, safe escape
Proper visuals – mirrors and head checks, positioning for view
Proper distances – to the front, back, right, and side, from parked cars, pedestrians, intersections, passing and merging
Hazardous surfaces – slippery, icy, uneven, wet surfaces and obstacles in the road
Night riding – safe practices such as speed, distance, high beams and headlights
Road emergencies – fast stopping or turning and mechanical issues, exiting the road, wildlife and animals
Cargo and Passengers on your bike
Riding in groups – size, safe distances, passing and group formation
Proper condition to ride – alcohol and drug safety, tiredness on the road
Knowing your motorcycle – proper gear, care and maintenance
Getting your license – tests required