Before you can become a licensed driver in the state of Alabama you will need to pass the state’s written drivers test.  With a roughly 50% failure rate, the written driver’s test is not for the unprepared which is why we’ve included the official Alabama Driver’s Handbook . This essential online resource has information on the rules of the road, state traffic laws, and road signs you need to know.  Not only is the handbook a great starting point when preparing for the test, it’s also a fantastic guide to becoming a safe driver.

Preparing With the AL Drivers Handbook

Preparation. Some people believe it starts and ends with studying the Alabama Drivers Handbook. The handbook is a good start, but many find out that it simply isn’t enough until it’s too late. To fully prepare for your written driver’s exam it’s essential that you test the knowledge you’ve absorbed from the handbook.  One of the best ways to test your knowledge is through the use of practice tests.  Our Alabama Practice Permit Test  is the perfect complement to the handbook.  The practice test has been designed to simulate the style and format of the real test while introducing you to some of the same topics. Start preparing now to gain the confidence you need and you’ll be behind the wheel in no time!

Topics Covered in the Handbook

The Alabama Driver’s Manual is published by the Department of Public Safety (DPS) and covers the following topics.

  • License to Drive – requirements, examinations, restrictions
  • Losing Your License – cancellation, suspension, revocation
  • Driving – habits, sharing the road, safety belts and child restraints
  • The Driver – cell phone, drugs, accident avoidance, railroad crossing
  • Signs, Signals, and Markers – traffic, regulatory, warning, pavement markings
  • Traffic Laws – speed limits, stopping, passing, right of way
  • Driving Conditions – night driving, weather, road conditions