FREE Alabama Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 2021 | AL

Before you can get an Alabama motorcycle license, you must pass both a written test and a road test. The written test is based on the Alabama Motorcycle Operators Manual. It’s important to study both of these documents, but you should also take our AL Motorcycle Practice Test to prepare for your permit test.  Think you know all the topics that might be covered on the test? There’s a lot to go over, including everything from riding in inclement weather to the correct method for riding in a group. Just like the real exam you will be required to score at least 80 percent to pass.

Our practice test allows you to answer multiple-choice questions about topics that may be covered on the official exam. The practice test includes 25 questions, and results are provided instantly.

Some of the features of the AL Motorcycle Practice Test are:

  • Unlimited attempts – you can keep taking the test until you’re sure you’re completely comfortable with the material.
  • Online format – you can study whenever you want as long as you have an Internet connection.
  • Developed by experts – test questions are designed to be as close to what you’ll see on the official test as possible.

Take the practice test now and find out if you’re ready for the real thing!

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