Free Arizona DMV Practice Permit Test 2021 | AZ

Need Help Preparing for Your Arizona Permit Test?

If you are getting ready to apply for a learners permit in the state of Arizona, you will need to first pass the mandatory Arizona permit test.   Stressed about what type of questions are on the exam?  Want to get a better understanding of the practice test format?  Begin preparing today by practicing with  our free Arizona practice permit test.  You will quickly discover practice tests are great tools when preparing for exams as they not only help you get a feel for the real test but provide valuable feedback.

The practice test contains 40 multiple-choice questions.  Each question has 4 possible answers but only one correct answer. Correct answers will be shown in green while incorrect answers will be shown in red.  Answer a question correctly and you will move on to the next question.  Answer a question incorrectly and you’ll get instant feedback with a brief explanation.  Good luck!

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