Free Arkansas DMV Road Signs Practice Test 2021 | AR

Road signs make up a significant portion of the questions found on the written test so it’s important that you become familiar with them.  You will be asked to identify road signs by their shape, color. and function.  Just like our other practice tests, you will be presented with a series of multiple-choice questions with only one correct answer.  Answer correctly and you will move on to the next question, answer incorrectly and you will be provided with helpful feedback to ensure you fully understand the material.

Road signs fall into 3 general categories: regulatory, warning, guide/informational

You will need to answer 80% of the questions correctly in order to pass.  You can expect the same passing score requirement at your local Arkansas DMV testing office.  Take the practice test as many times as you like and develop your road sign and traffic sign comprehension.

If you are serious about your test preparation, don’t skip this practice test.  Good luck.

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