Download the official AR DMV motorcycle manual PDF or view online

There is a very good reason people love riding in the rolling mountains of the Natural State.  Arkansas has some of the best scenery in the country.  With the scenic Quachita Mountains in the central part of the state and the Ozarks in the northwestern region, the possibilities are endless.  Why not find out what the talk is all about by getting a motorcycle license of your own!

But before getting your license you must pass the required state motorcycle written knowledge test.  To help prepare for the test, get yourself a copy of the Arkansas Motorcycle Manual .  The manual contains vital information you need to know about operating a motorcycle in the state of Arkansas and will help you gain the knowledge needed to safely ride.

Preparing With the AR Motorcycle Manual

While the handbook is a great resource, you should also consider using interactive study material such as practice tests to give you a leg up when preparing for the exam.  We offer Arkansas motorcycle permit practice tests  that contain practice test questions covering some of the very same topics.  While the questions are not exactly the same, they do provide an excellent way to test your knowledge of the manual.  Start preparing now and soon you too will be experiencing the freedom that comes from having your very own Arkansas motorcycle license.

Topics Covered in the Manual

The Arkansas Motorcycle Endorsement Study Guide is published by the Arkansas Office of Motor Vehicles in cooperation with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and covers the following subjects:

  • Complete licensing procedures
  • Preparing to ride checklist
  • Proper vehicle control
  • State laws and best practices involving distance between vehicles
  • Lane positioning techniques
  • How to avoid collisions
  • Identifying dangers ahead of time
  • Passengers and cargo information
  • Mechanical failures – chain issues, engine problems, tires
  • Equipment and maintenance
  • Special situations
  • Using mirrors, horns, and head checks for safety