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Could you use a little help preparing for your Connecticut learners permit test? If so, we’re glad you stopped by our site! We have some killer resources here that can help you study the material you need to learn to get off on the right foot with the Connecticut drivers permit test. Our Connecticut practice permit test number three is one of several practice tests we offer for the state of Connecticut.

Made up of 40 multiple-choice questions, this test will help you work through the concepts covered in the Connecticut Drivers Manual so you can get as much exposure as you need to Connecticut’s driving laws. All our practice tests are designed by experts and bring you these great features:

Instant Feedback

Our Connecticut practice permit test is totally interactive, giving you instant feedback after every question to help you continuously assess your progress. If an answer is incorrect, you’ll see it highlighted in red, with the correct answer highlighted in green. Then, the correct answer will be explained so you’ll understand it better the next time you encounter it.

Performance Tracking

Our performance tracking feature is another great way to check your progress to see how you’re doing and how far along you are in completing the test. We know you’ll love our user-friendly interface that tells you everything you need to know as you work toward earning a passing score of 80%. One glance is all it takes to see exactly where you are in relation to your goal.

Unlimited Attempts

If you have any trouble at all hitting that 80% passing score, not to worry! You can take our tests as many times as you like absolutely free. And because they’re online, you can take them anytime, so you’ll have no scheduling conflicts. How cool is that! Each time you take the test, the questions will be reshuffled to create a brand new learning experience.

Connecticut-Specific Questions

With our tests, you’ll know you’re getting a comprehensive set of questions that will help you build confidence as you learn the rules of the road in your state. Connecticut DMV Practice Permit Test Three will help you begin building a firm foundation of relevant driving knowledge by serving you questions that cover material found on the Connecticut drivers permit exam.

Score Sharing

And now comes the fun part! After you’ve finished all that studying, we think you deserve to be rewarded with the opportunity to share your accomplishment on Twitter and Facebook! Just click the Twitter or Facebook button at the end of the test to let all your friends know how well you did. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even decide to challenge them to give our test a try and see how their results stack up against yours.

By using our Connecticut practice permit tests, you can give yourself the edge you need to be well-prepared for the Connecticut permit exam. So why not give our practice test a try. The diligence you put into it now will be so worth it once you’re behind the wheel!

  • Identify Knowledge Gaps
  • Track Your Progress
  • Unlimited Attempts
  • Get Detailed Feedback
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Connecticut Permit Practice Test Overview:
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Connecticut DMV Manual 2024

The Connecticut Driver’s Manual is a powerful study tool to help you begin preparing for the Connecticut permit or license test. Get your FREE copy here!


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