Free Connecticut DMV Road Signs Permit Practice Test 2021 | CT

When you go and sit for the written permit test at the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), you are going to have to know more than just road rules and driving regulations in order to pass. A large portion of the test covers road signs and their meanings. To help prepare you to ace this important test section, we have created this Colorado road signs practice test. Test questions come from the state drivers handbook and cover all types of road signs, including informational, guide, regulatory and emergency.

What to Expect On The Practice Test

Our experts have compiled 25 multiple choice questions on Connecticut road signs. If you answer 20 or more of the questions correctly you will earn a passing score. You can take this test an unlimited number of times and each time that you take it there is no charge – this test is completely free. Also, each time you take this test the questions will be randomly reordered. As you progress through the test you will receive instant feedback on your answers and you will be able to read detailed answer explanations that will help you learn the right answer when you get a question wrong. Take the practice test now to assess your road sign knowledge and get familiar with the types of road sign questions that you may find on the real Connecticut written permit test.

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