Delaware may be a small state in terms of square miles, but it is large in terms of urban and rural scenery ideal for motorcycle riding.  It’s a perfect place for a road trip to go shopping as there are no state taxes and during your ride, you can experience the Delaware scenery including shorelines, thick forests, and plush woodlands.

But before you can explore all that Delaware has to offer you will need to get your motorcycle license and that means passing the state required written motorcycle test.  Take the first step towards getting your motorcycle license by getting your hands on a copy of the Delaware Motorcycle Manual .

Preparing With the DE Motorcycle Manual

While the Delaware Motorcycle Manual is a great place to begin preparing for your motorcycle written knowledge test we also recommend taking advantage of practice tests as well.  When used along with the manual, our Delaware motorcycle permit practice test can put the odds in your favor.  Practice tests are a great interactive study method that can help provide valuable feedback.

Topics Covered in the Manual

The Delaware Motorcycle Manual is a publication of the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in partnership with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.  The manual covers the following subjects:

  • Before You  Ride
    • Wearing the right gear – helmet, eye protection, clothing
    • Becoming familiar with your motorcycle and responsibilities
  • Riding Within Your Abilities
    • Essential vehicle control –body position, shifting, braking, turning
    • Safely Keeping Your Distance from Others
    • SEE
    • Intersections – blind intersections, passing parked cars, roadside parking
    • Raising you visibility – clothes, lights, signals, mirrors, horn, riding at night
    • Crash avoidance
    • Dealing with dangerous surfaces – uneven, slippery, railroad tracks, grooves, gratings
    • Common Mechanical problems – tire failure, throttle, wobble, chain issues, seized engine
    • Animals and flying object road hazards
    • Exiting the road safely
    • Carrying passengers and cargo
    • Group riding safely
  • Being in Shape to Ride
    • Alcohol/drugs and motorcycle operation
    • Alcohol and the body – BAC levels
    • Alcohol and the law – consequences of conviction
    • Recognizing and dealing with fatigue
  • Steps to Earning Your License
    • The written knowledge test
    • On-motorcycle skills test