The DC motorcycle manual is published by the District of Columbia in partnership with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation to help new riders understand how to safely operate a motorcycle and become familiar with the rules of the road. Inside, you will find essential information to help you prepare for the motorcycle endorsement exam.

Preparing with the DC Motorcycle Manual

Statistics now reveal nearly 50% of people fail the motorcycle written test every year so it’s essential that you take advantage of every possible tool available.  While the handbook is a great tool, it has it does have its limitations. Once you are familiar with the information in the handbook, test your knowledge with our interactive DC motorcycle permit practice test. The practice test has been designed to introduce you to some of the same material found on the real exam.

Topics Covered in the Manual

The DC Motorcycle Manual covers the following topics.

• Preparing to Ride – wearing the right gear, understanding your motorcycle, understanding your responsibilities
• Riding Within Your Abilities – basic vehicle control, keeping your distance, SEE, Intersections, increasing conspicuity, crash avoidance, handling dangerous surfaces
• Being in Shape to Ride – alcohol and drugs in motorcycle operation, alcohol in the body, alcohol and the law, minimize the risks, fatigue
• Earning Your License – knowledge test, on-motorcycle skill test