The Aloha State is a mecca of beautiful sights, sounds, and people.  It’s hard to keep your eye on the roads here with so much to look at on this chain of lush, tropical islands.  Volcanoes, pristine white sand beaches, and more are waiting to be explored.   But before you can start exploring the roads of paradise, you’re going to need a motorcycle license and that means passing the required motorcycle written test.

While the majority of people feel they can pass the exam, statistics say otherwise.  Over half of all test-takes leave the testing office empty-handed.  Start preparing now by becoming familiar with the information found in official Hawaii Motorcycle Manual .

Preparing With the HI Motorcycle Manual

The manual is an important resource as you prepare for the exam however the manual doesn’t have the ability to test that knowledge.  Fortunately, we’ve created a series of practice test questions that cover the same material found on the real exam.  Our Hawaii motorcycle permit practice test contain state specific test questions and answers designed by expert instructors to help increase your chances of passing the test.  With both the handbook and our study material to assist you, you’ll be on the road sooner than later with license in hand.  What are you waiting for?  The Aloha state is calling!

Topics Covered in the Manual

 The official Hawaii Motorcycle Manual is published by the Hawaii Department of Motor Vehicles, and it covers the following topics:

  • Complete licensing information
  • Helping other motorists to better see you
  • Pre-ride checklists
  • Using your mirrors and head checks to monitor your riding environment
  • Riding in groups
  • Lane positioning techniques
  • Passengers and cargo
  • Hazardous road surfaces
  • Tips on avoiding accidents
  • Recognizing common mechanical problems
  • Using correct hand signals
  • Intersecting roadways
  • Tips on avoiding collisions with animals and road debris