What a gift to be able to call Idaho home. With rugged landscape, miles and miles of unspoiled land, snow-capped mountain ranges, and many unforgettable waterways, the Gem State becomes just that — a gem. Driving throughout this state, whether it’s just down the street, or all the way to Canada, it’s a gift most drivers can really appreciate. Take the steps to get your learners permit or drivers license and you too can experience the freedom of being a licensed driver.

Before you can become a licensed driver with the state of Idaho you will need to pass the required state written drivers test. Most believe they can easily pass this exam without any preparation but the statistics say otherwise. Over 50% of applicants fail the written test. That translates into not only leaving the DMV empty handed but having to wait in line to take test all over again. Not our idea of a great way to spend your valuable time which is why we’ve included a copy of the official Idaho Drivers Handbook .

The Idaho Drivers Handbook is an essential resource to assist you in preparing for written exam as well as help you become a safer driver.

Preparing With the ID Drivers Handbook

It’s understandable to have a bit of test anxiety especially when statistics say roughly 70% of test applicants fail but you needn’t worry. Once you’ve spent some some time reviewing the handbook you can test your knowledge by taking a series of practice test questions. Our Idaho practice permit test is designed to simulate some of the test questions you will face on the official test. Together with the handbook, practice tests can truly give you the edge you need to pass the Idaho written drivers test the first time.
So what’s holding you back? Start preparing for the test now and before you know it you’ll be enjoying the freedom of the open road!

Topics Covered in the Handbook

The Idaho Driver’s Manual is published by the Idaho Transportation Department and covers the following topics.

  • Licensing Information – fees, types of licenses, training, examinations
  • Traffic Laws – stopping, right of way, passing, parking, turns
  • Signs, Signals and Pavement Markings – signs, signals, crosswalks, railroad crossings
  • Driving Task – distracted driving, fatigue, backing, break failure, accident avoidance
  • Sharing the Road – motorcycles, bicyclists, pedestrians, children at play
  • Driving Conditions – night driving, weather, mountain driving, wildlife, work zone
  • Freeway Driving – entering and exiting freeway, speed, changing lanes
  • Protect Driving Privilege – suspensions, drinking and driving, illegal drugs
  • Equipment and Safety – child restraints, seat belts, snow tires