With so many things to see and do in the Prairie state, it’s no wonder why residents are so anxious to get behind the wheel in the Prairie State. Take the next steps to get your Illinois permit or drivers license, and experience everything your neighborhood, your city, and your state have to offer.

Before you can start driving in the state of Illinois, you will first need to pass the written knowledge test. This may be your first time driving or perhaps you’ve been driving for years and simply need a new license. Either way, you’ll need a resource that will help you prepare for the written test. The Illinois Drivers Handbook is a valuable resource for not only helping you prepares for the written driver’s test but will also help you become a safer driver.

Preparing With the IL Drivers Handbook

Have I studied enough? Will I pass on my first try and be able to drive soon? These are common questions that go through most people’s minds as they prepare for the test. With a 70% fail rate, the test can be a real challenge for most, so it’s critical that you not only become familiar with the information in the handbook but also test that knowledge as well. Through the use of our comprehensive Illinois practice permit test you’ll be able to get valuable feedback and determine where you may have some gaps in your understanding of various traffic laws. The practice tests are designed to ensure you won’t have any surprises on test day by simulating some of the test questions from the official test.
We encourage you to start by reviewing and thoroughly studying the official Illinois Drivers Manual . Once you feel you are comfortable with the material in the manual, test your knowledge with our practice tests and you’ll be one step closer to enjoying the freedoms that come with being a legally licensed driver.

Topics Covered in the Handbook

The Illinois Rules of the Road Driver’s Handbook is published by the Secretary of State of the State of Illinois and covers the following topics.

  • Driver’s Licensing Procedures – requirements, restrictions, exemptions, documentation
  • Driver’s License Exams – vision screening, written exam, driving exam
  • Traffic Laws – safety belts, speed limits, construction zones, right-of-way, passing
  • Sharing the Road – large vehicles, pedestrians, children, motorcycles and bicycles
  • Traffic Violations – crash reports, leaving the scene, unattended vehicles
  • Revocation and Suspension – special driving permits, driving record
  • Roadway Signs – colors, regulatory signs, warning signs
  • Safe Driving Tips – defensive driving, following distances, speed, weather