This test is based on the official 2024 CDL Manual FREE Indiana BMV Practice Permit Test Two 2024 | IN

Ensure you’re ready for the Indiana permit test by taking advantage of our Indiana practice permit test number two.  The practice covers some of the same material found in the official Indiana Driver’s Manual to ensure you have the most relevant study material available.  The practice test uses the same test format as the official Indiana BMV test.  The test features 40 multiple choice questions with each question containing four possible answers. You must score at least 80% or higher to pass.

Instant Feedback

As you complete each question, the practice exam will let you know how well you are performing by highlighting correct answers in green and incorrect answers in red. You will also receive helpful and informative explanations to ensure you fully understand the material.

Performance Tracking

A convenient progress tracker displays your progress and performance allowing to quickly determine how well you are doing at any given moment.

Unlimited Attempts

The practice test features unlimited attempts allowing you to study as much as you need.  Our tests are randomized to present new questions with every attempt.  It’s like taking a new test every time!

Indiana Specific Questions

Because we base all source material on the latest Indiana Driver’s Manual, we are able to design all practice questions to resemble questions that are likely to appear on the official BMV test. And because we draw upon many road rules and traffic laws that are unique to Indiana, your practice test has been designed to ensure you have the most relevant study material possible.

Score Sharing

After you’re done, you can share your scores with fiends through Facebook or Twitter with the click of a single button.  Challenge your friends!

Practice makes perfect.  Start practicing today!

  • Identify Knowledge Gaps
  • Track Your Progress
  • Unlimited Attempts
  • Get Detailed Feedback
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Indiana Permit Practice Test Overview:
30Total number of questions
24Number of questions required to pass
84Percentage required to pass
Indiana BMV Manual 2024

The Indiana Drivers Manual is a powerful study tool to help you begin preparing for the Indiana permit or license test. Get your FREE copy here!


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