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Are you looking for a practice permit test that can help you earn your learner’s permit in the state of Indiana? If so, we can help! Our Indiana practice permit test version three is designed to help you prepare for success. It’s the third in a series of tests specifically geared toward new drivers in the Hoosier State.  Our Indiana practice permit test challenges you with 40 multiple-choice questions that check your knowledge of the rules of the road. All of the questions are based on up-to-date information found in the Indiana drivers handbook. This includes subjects like traffic signs, pavement markings and driving regulations.

Indiana BMV Practice Test Details

Our practice tests also offer a ton of helpful features, including randomized questions, score sharing and instant feedback that improve learning.

Instant Feedback

It can be motivating to know how well you’re doing as you take the test, and research has shown that it can also improve learning! When you take our practice test, you will be shown the result of each answer as you go. If you do miss a question, you will be given a detailed explanation as to where you went wrong. This can help pinpoint areas of weakness that you can focus your studies on later.

Performance Tracking

Our practice tests feature a performance tracker that marks correct answers in green and missed answers in red. This gives you an overview of how you’re doing at any given time. It also shows how much of the test you’ve completed. Imagine how motivating it will be to glance at the performance tracker and see that you’re doing well!

Unlimited Attempts

The point of a practice test is to learn, and we understand that you might learn at a different pace than the guy sitting next to you. That’s why we allow you to take our Indiana practice permit test as many times as you like. Every attempt is free, and we urge you to continue practicing until you begin passing with a score of 80 percent or higher each time. That means getting 32 out of 40 questions correct. All of our tests feature randomized questions, meaning that you’ll be challenged with new information each time.

Indiana Specific Questions

Traffic laws may vary by state. Therefore, you shouldn’t waste your time taking a generic practice test that isn’t designed for new drivers in Indiana. From traffic regulations to blood-alcohol limits, our practice test covers everything you need to know to become a safe and responsible driver in the state of Indiana.

Score Sharing

What’s more fun than a little competition between friends? Clicking on the Facebook or Twitter buttons at the end of each test will allow you to share your scores with the people in your social-media circles. Challenge fellow test takers to do well, discuss information and encourage learning by taking advantage of this awesome feature. When it comes to studying, a few minds are better than one!

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