Whether you need to get your learners permit or drivers license, all applicants in the state of Iowa need to first pass the state’s written knowledge test. The official Iowa Drivers Handbook is an invaluable resource when preparing for the test.

Preparing With the IA Drivers Handbook

There’s an easy way to find out if you’ll pass the Iowa written exam and start driving, or if you have to ask your friends and family to drive you around for a few more weeks. It starts with our interactive Iowa practice permit test. The practice test is designed to closely simulate some of the questions you will find on the official exam. Do well on our practice tests, and you’ll be able to boost your chances of success on the real test.  Start by thoroughly review the material found in the Iowa Drivers Manual and then test that knowledge using the practice tests. You’ll soon be behind the wheel exploring all that the Hawkeye State has to offer!

Topics Covered in the Handbook

The Iowa Drivers Manual is published by the Iowa Department of Transportation’s Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) and covers the following topics.

  • Driver’s License – vision test, knowledge test, driving test, types of license, renewal
  • Traffic Signs – warning signs, regulatory signs, guide signs, pavement markings
  • Safe Driving Tips – turning techniques, hand signals, bad weather driving, passing
  • Driving Privileges – cancellation, suspension, revocations, accidents
  • Being in Shape – alcohol and drugs, disabilities, seat belts and restraints