FREE Kentucky DMV Road Signs Permit Practice Test 2021 | KY

Have you made studying road signs an integral part of your strategy for preparing for the written permit test at the Kentucky Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV)? The truth is road signs form an important part of your score and a lack of road sign knowledge could prevent you from passing and receiving your permit! To help you improve your road sign knowledge, we have created this practice test that includes questions on informational, guide, emergency, warning and regulatory signs and their meanings.

What to Expect On The Practice Test

You will be given 25 multiple choice questions on this test and you will need to answer at least 20 of the questions correctly to pass. If you are unable to pass or you feel a lack of confidence in your road sign knowledge, you can take this practice test over. In fact, you can take this test as many times as you like and it will be completely free each time. In addition, each time you take the test the questions will be randomly reordered.

As you answer each question on the test you will be immediately notified if your answer is right or wrong and you will be given a correct answer explanation that may clear up any uncertainties you have about a subject. This test is simple to take and can really increase your sign knowledge, so don’t delay get started now.

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