One of the most diverse states in the nation, Louisiana has everything from murky swamps to glittering modern cities.  They’re linked together with one of the nation’s most scenic road systems and the state benefits from great weather all year-round.

But before you can explore the state on two wheels you will need to get your motorcycle license and that means passing the state required written test.   As part of this process, you’re going to need a copy of the Louisiana Motorcycle Operator’s Handbook so you can obtain the basic knowledge required to operate a motorcycle and understand the rules of the road.  The handbook will present you with a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know about operating a two or three-wheel vehicle in this state.

Preparing With the LA Motorcycle Manual

While the handbook is a valuable resource, you’ll want to test your knowledge that that means taking advantage of study material like our interactive practice tests.  We  offer Louisiana Motorcycle Study Material to ensure that you pass the very first time.   So why wait another minute?  Get on the road and join your friends today by taking the first step towards your motorcycle license.

Topics Covered in the Manual

The Louisiana Motorcycle Operator’s Handbook is a publication of the Louisiana Department of Transportation.  The handbook covers the following topics:

  • all licensing procedures
  • pre-ride checklist
  • how to safely use your mirrors and head checks
  • lane positioning
  • state laws and best practices regarding distance between vehicles
  • proper equipment
  • passengers and cargo
  • avoiding collisions
  • how to avoid and deal with road hazards
  • maintenance
  • riding in groups
  • how to identify and deal with road hazards