With over 6,000 lakes, 5,000 miles of pristine coastland, and 32,000 miles of rivers and a number of lakes, Maine is a motorcycle rider’s paradise.  Put simply Maine is a wonderful destination for riders of all ages with an abundance of unspoiled scenic paradise.  You have coastal regions to explore and you can head to the northern and central regions to avoid the crowds in the spring, fall, and summer months.

But before you can begin exploring all that the state has to offer riders you’ll need to get your motorcycle license and that means passing the state required written motorcycle test.  Fortunately, we’ve posted a copy of the Maine Motorcycle Operator’s Handbook to help you prepare.  This handbook has a wealth of safety information and knowledge that you will need to master in order to pass the exam.

Preparing With the ME Motorcycle Manual

If you want to make sure you pass the license test the first time, you’ll want to get one of our Maine Motorcycle Practice Tests.  When used in tandem with the handbook, the practice tests greatly increase your chances of passing the license test the first time, saving you both time and money.  Take your first step towards earning your license and you’ll soon be experiencing the freedom of the open road!

Topics Covered in the Manual

The Maine Department of Transportation publishes the official Maine Motorcycle Operator’s Handbook, and it contains the following subjects and more:

  • All licensing procedures
  • Pre-ride checklists
  • Tips on lane positioning techniques
  • SIPDE – scan the area, identify potential hazards, predict problems, decide action, execute
  • Using hand signals
  • Passengers and cargo
  • Proper equipment
  • Maintenance
  • Night riding
  • Hazardous surfaces to be aware of
  • Proper use of mirrors and head checks
  • Mechanical issues
  • Special situations – animals, hills, flying objects
  • Riding in groups