Free Maryland MVA Practice Permit Test Two 2021 | MD

Used in conjunction with the official Maryland Drivers Manual, the free Maryland Practice Test Two is designed to help you pass the Maryland permit test.  

Based on material contained in the manual, the practice exam was created to mimic the type of questions you’ll find when taking the exam at your Maryland Vehicle Administration location. This Maryland Practice Permit Test Two contains 40 questions, with a score of 80% required for passage. That means applicants can miss no more than five total questions.

Instant Feedback

When taking the practice exam, you will be provided instant feedback on correct and incorrect answers. Green highlights indicate correct answers, while red will let you know your response was incorrect.  Incorrect answers will also include a brief explanation to help reinforce what you’ve learned.

Performance Tracking

Our performance tracker keeps score in the upper left-hand corner of the screen as you answer each question. This lets you know in real-time how you are doing. 

Unlimited Attempts

Feel free to take our practice tests as often as you like. Each time you take the test, the questions are randomized providing a new experience. If practice makes perfect, unlimited attempts should help ensure you pass your exam!

Maryland Specific Questions

Every state has some unique driving laws and regulations. Your practice test includes Maryland specific questions to better help you pass your actual drivers examination.

Score Sharing

If you have found our Maryland Practice Permit Test Two valuable, we invite you to share your score at the end of the exam.  Simply click on either the Facebook or Twitter buttons to get started.  Share the free practice test and challenge your friends!

Get started on this first step toward your drivers permit by taking our practice exam today!

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