There’s no feeling like becoming a licensed driver— whether it’s a permit or driver’s license you will need to first pass the state required written test. With statistics revealing that over 70% of all applicants fail the exam, it’s essential that you prepare yourself first. But in order to ensure that you are prepared for the exam, you’ll need to thoroughly review the information found in the Michigan Driver’s Handbook.

Preparing With the MI Drivers Handbook

The handbook itself is a great prep tool but it’s important to test your knowledge of the handbook as well. Practice tests are a proven and effective tool in helping aspiring drivers pass the written test. Our Michigan practice permit test contain questions that cover some of the same topics found on the real exam. Combined with the Michigan Driver’s Handbook, practice tests can offer the edge you need to master the written test.

Topics Covered in the Handbook

The Michigan What Every Driver Must Know Drivers Handbook is published by the Michigan Department of State Information Center and covers the following topics.

  • Driver’s Licensing Procedures – graduated license, probationary program, renewals
  • Driving Record – point system, tickets, convictions, driver improvement course
  • Losing Driving Privilege – restrictions, suspensions, revocations, re-examination
  • Safety – safety belts, safety seats, air bags
  • Signs, Pavement Markers and Signals – regulatory signs, warning signs, guide signs
  • Basic Skills – controlling speed, turning, passing, freeway driving
  • Sharing the Road – distracted driving, motorcycles, trucks, bicycles