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Think You’re Ready for the Michigan Permit Test?

Reports show that more than half of all first time applicants fail the permit test every year.  Even if you think you have mastered basic driving rules from watching your parents and friends drive, it is crucial that you still prepare for the written permit test.  Practicing with our free Michigan practice permit test is one of the best methods to help you prepare by introducing you to some of the material found on the real exam.

MI Practice Permit Test Details

How does the practice test work?  You will get unlimited attempts to answer 40 multiple-choice questions.  You will be quizzed on various rules of the road, road signs and traffic-related laws.  We cover some of the same material found on the official exam.   The handy progress bar will show you how you a performing at any given time.  As you answer a question correctly, you will proceed to the next one.  Answer incorrectly and an explanation of the correct response will appear to help you improve on your next attempt.

Walk into the testing office with confidence!  Start a practice test now!

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