With warm weather, most of the year and roads that run alongside the Gulf of Mexico and among lush forests in the central part of the state, Mississippi is a motorcycle rider’s haven.  Why be left out of all the fun when you can join the other riders on the road by getting your own motorcycle license!

But before you can get your license you will need to pass the Mississippi written motorcycle test.  The exam will test your knowledge of the material covered in the Mississippi Motorcycle Handbook .  Inside the handbook, you will find the information you need to not only prepare for the test but to safely operate a two or three-wheeled vehicle in the state.

Preparing With the MS Motorcycle Manual

While the handbook is a good start, if you want to be certain to pass your license test the first time, you’ll also need to get your hands on our Mississippi Motorcycle Practice Tests.  We offer practice tests designed to cover the same topics you will find on the real test.  Together the handbook and the practice tests provide the most effective test preparation available.

So what are you waiting for?  The sooner you pass the test the sooner you’ll be out on the open road!

Topics Covered in the Manual

The Mississippi Motorcycle Operator’s Handbook is a publication of the Mississippi Department of Transportation and it covers the following topics and more:

  • all licensing procedures
  • proper equipment and maintenance
  • riding in groups
  • passengers and cargo
  • how to react to special situations – hills, animals
  • state laws and best practices for distances between vehicles
  • lane positioning techniques
  • using your mirrors and head checks
  • road hazards
  • hazardous road surfaces
  • how to avoid accidents and spot them before they develop