There’s plenty to see in the “Show Me State” from the scenic Ozark Mountains to the south and the Mississippi River to the west, so you could not ask for a more scenic place for a great motorcycle ride.  So why are you letting everyone else have all of the fun when you could get your own motorcycle license and discover what all the talk is about?

One of the first steps towards preparing for the motorcycle license is passing that state required written test.  Fortunately, we’ve included an online copy of the official Missouri Motorcycle Manual .  This handbook is designed to help you gain the knowledge to become a safe rider in the state.

Preparing With the MO Motorcycle Manual

Do keep in mind though, to have your very best shot at passing your license test the first time, you need to use the handbook along with other interactive study material that tests your knowledge.  We offer Missouri Motorcycle Test Study Material that will help you to ace your test the first time and avoid the time and expense involved in re-taking a test.  So get started now and before you know it you’ll have your motorcycle license in hand!

Topics Covered in the Manual

The Missouri Motorcycle Operator’s Handbook is a publication of the Missouri Department of Transportation and you’ll find the following topics and more:

  • all state licensing procedures
  • pre-ride checklist
  • using mirrors and head checks for safety
  • lane positioning techniques and best practices
  • state laws and best practices in maintaining distances from other vehicles
  • proper equipment
  • maintenance
  • riding in groups
  • passengers and cargo information
  • mechanical failures
  • tips on avoiding collisions