Looking to experience the freedom of the open road in the great state of Montana? Before you can take advantage of all that the Big Sky Country state can offer, you’ll need to pass the state’s written driver’s test. All residents looking to become licensed drivers must first pass the state’s written test and that means taking the time now to prepare now by reviewing the information in the official Montana Driver Handbook .

Preparing With the MT Drivers Handbook

The written driver’s test can pose a significant challenge even to test takers that have fully studied the handbook. It’s essential that once you review the material in the handbook, you test your level of knowledge and that means taking practice tests. Our Montana practice permit test is designed to simulate the questions found on the official test which means no surprises on test day.  So what are you waiting for? Review the handbook and take a few practice tests now and you’ll be one step closer to experiencing the freedom only a driver’s license can bring.

Topics Covered in the Handbook

The Montana Driver License Manual is published by the Montana Department of Justice Motor Vehicle Division and covers the following topics.

• Driver’s Licensing Procedures – requirements, examinations, restrictions
• Before You Drive – vehicle check, additional equipment
• Signals and Signs – traffic signs and signals, railroad crossing, pavement markings
• Rules of the Road – passing, turning, right-of-way, sharing the road
• Safe Driving Tips – limit distractions, visibility, communication, speed
• Emergencies – vehicle emergencies, avoiding collisions, protect yourself