Venturing out for a ride in Nebraska is best done in the hot summer months, where you can get out and explore the rolling hills of the Dissected Till Plains in the east or the grassy plains of the Great Plains of the west, where landmarks compete to remind residents and visitors alike that this is ‘Where the West Begins.’  But before you can explore all that Nebraska has to offer riders, you’ll need to get your license and that means passing the state motorcycle license written test.

Start preparing for the test now by becoming familiar with the information available in the Nebraska Motorcycle Handbook .  Not only is it a great tool to prepare for the exam, the handbook will help you learn how to safely operate a motorcycle in the state.

Preparing With the NE Motorcycle Manual

While the handbook is a great tool, it does have it’s limitations.  You’ll need to test your knowledge of the handbook through the use of practice tests.  Our Nebraska Motorcycle Practice Tests are designed by expert instructors and contain questions and answers that cover the same material found on the real exam.  With long cold winters in Nebraska, don’t put off getting your motorcycle license or riding weather will be gone.

Start preparing now and before you know it you’ll have your license in hand!

Topics Covered in the Manual

The Nebraska Motorcycle Operator’s Handbook is published by the State of Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles and covers the following topics.

  • Before you ride – using the right gear, knowing your motorcycle
  • Controlling your ride – turning, braking and shifting safely
  • Using your eyes – proper mirror and head checking methods
  • Handling intersections
  • Being seen
  • Steering clear of accidents
  • Dealing with dangerous roads
  • Troubleshooting mechanical problems
  • Sharing the road with four-legged friends
  • Unidentified flying objects
  • Getting off the road
  • Carrying people or loads
  • Multiple riders
  • Your state of mind – drugs, alcohol and rider fatigue
  • Obtaining your motorcycle license
  • Three wheelers – knowing your 3-wheeler, 3-wheeler control, passengers and cargo
  • Knowing your hand signal
  • Pre-ride checklist
  • Safe riding in Nebraska