FREE Nevada DMV Road Signs Practice Permit Test 2021 | NV

Before you get your permit and start cruising the roads of ‘the silver state’ you have to demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the state’s road signs. One way to build that knowledge is to take our road sign practice test that includes 25 questions on Nevada road signs, including regulatory, warning, informational, guide and emergency signs.

What to Expect On The Practice Test

You must answer at least 20 of the test’s 25 multiple choice questions correctly to pass. Test questions cover signs and their meanings. For example, you may be shown a picture of a sign and asked to select what that sign tells drivers to do.

Each question comes with instant feedback so that you know whether you answered correctly or incorrectly. There are also detailed answer explanations so that you can grow your sign knowledge throughout the test, unlimited attempts and a randomized question order each time you take the test.

All of these bonus features make this test a powerful way to increase your knowledge of signs so that you will be better prepared to earn your permit when you visit the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Test questions come from the Nevada drivers handbook and are designed to prepare you for the questions that you will find on the real permit test. To improve your chances of earning your permit on your next attempt, take this practice test now.

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