New Jersey DMV Handbook 2020

Before you can become a licensed driver in this amazing state, you’ll need to pass the required state driver’s written exam. The first step towards passing this exam is to become familiar with the information found in the official New Jersey Drivers Handbook below. Preparing With the NJ Drivers Handbook The New Jersey drivers handbook is a great first step towards preparing for the exam however at some point you will need to test that knowledge and that’s where practice tests can really help. Our New Jersey practice permit test can help you prepare through a series of multiple-choice practice questions.  Get started now! Topics Covered in the Handbook The New Jersey Driver Manual is published by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission and covers the following topics. Driver’s Licensing Procedures – requirements, examinations, restrictions Driver Testing – ID verification, vision test, knowledge test Driver Responsibility – car seats, seat … Continue reading New Jersey DMV Handbook 2020