To get out and enjoy all that Jersey has to offer today’s rider, you must first get your motorcycle license and that means passing the motorcycle written test. Obtaining a license to ride a motorcycle in New Jersey can be accomplished by either having an endorsement added to your existing driver’s license or by qualifying for a motorcycle license on your own.

Start preparing for the test now by becoming familiar with the information found in the New Jersey Motorcycle Handbook .

Preparing With the NJ Motorcycle Manual

The handbook is lengthy and has its limitations.  Once you become familiar with the information in the handbook, you’ll need to test that knowledge.  Our experienced instructors have created  New Jersey motorcycle practice permit tests designed to simulate the real exam.  Our practice tests and cheat sheets contain questions and answers covering the same material found on the official test.

If you’re tired of just dreaming about riding, it’s time to prepare for the test using the best possible test prep material available!

Topics Covered in the Manual

The New Jersey Motorcycle Operator’s Handbook is published by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission and covers the following topics.

  • Motorcycles defined
  • Obtaining your license or endorsement
  • Getting your permit
  • Getting your license
  • Registering your motorcycle
  • Practice rides and road tests
  • Getting ready to ride
  • Doing your motorcycle check and getting to know your ride
  • Controlling your motorcycle
  • Ensuring visibility – mirrors, head checks, can other drivers see you?
  • Your horn
  • Proper use of the SIPDE system
  • Checking your blind spots
  • Safe distances
  • Uneven or dangerous road conditions
  • Night driving and road hazards
  • Transporting passengers or cargo
  • Learning how to ride in groups
  • When not to ride – fatigue, alcohol and other drugs
  • Performing a ride check