All drivers looking to become licensed in the state of North Dakota must first pass the states written knowledge test. A great way to begin to prepare for the test is by taking advantage of the information found in the official North Dakota drivers handbook . Inside you will find information on the rules of the road, traffic signs, and overall rules on how to be a safe driver.

Preparing With the ND Drivers Handbook

Is the Handbook All You Need to Prepare for the North Dakota Drivers Written Test?

Can you believe that some people take the driver’s written test without any practice? With over a 70% fail rate the written test has proved to be challenging for the majority of first time test-takers. Why risk leaving the DOT office empty handed when you can prepare now by studying the information in the handbook together with our North Dakota practice permit test.  By becoming familiar with the material in the handbook and testing your knowledge with our practice tests, you can be confident that you won’t leave the DMV office empty handed. Good luck!

Topics Covered in the Handbook

The North Dakota driver’s handbook is published by the North Dakota Department of Transportation (DOT) and covers the following topics.

  • Your License – exemptions, permits, examinations
  • Signs, Signals and Road Markings – regulatory signs, warning signs, pedestrian signs
  • Driving Skills and Emergencies – winter driving, skids, rain, flooding
  • Drinking and Driving – effects of alcohol, DUI, impaired driving, laws
  • Sharing the Road – pedestrians, recreational vehicles, all-terrain vehicles