Download the official ND motorcycle manual PDF or view online

Considered America’s friendliest state, North Dakota is home to the geographical center of North America, and is ranked #1 as the safest of all states. Despite cold winters, there are still many months suited for motorcycle riding, and there are plenty of places to get out and explore.  But before you can explore all that North Dakota has to offer riders, you are going to need your motorcycle license and that means passing the state required motorcycle written test.

To get you started on the road to obtaining your motorcycle license, you’ll need to start preparing for the test by becoming familiar with the information in the handbook .  The North Dakota Motorcycle Handbook is full of information specific to riders, as well as safety information and road rules that you’ll need to know to obtain your license.

Preparing With the ND Motorcycle Manual

No doubt the handbook is a valuable resource but how do you know if you’ve absorbed the information?  To ensure you pass the first time it’s essential that you test yourself by using practice tests.  Our North Dakota Motorcycle Practice Tests are designed by experts to simulate the real exam.  The practice test has questions and answers covering the same topics found on the official exam. All designed to ensure you won’t have any surprises on test day.  Start studying the comprehensive manual , and be sure to take our North Dakota Motorcycle Practice Tests to be sure you are fully prepared to pass your motorcycle licensing exam.

Your motorcycle adventures await!

Topics Covered in the Manual

The North Dakota Motorcycle Operator’s Handbook is published by the North Dakota Department of Transportation and covers the following topics.

  • Pre-ride preparation – gear, knowledge of responsibilities and your motorcycle
  • Knowing your limits – control, safe distances, paying attention to what’s around you, intersections
  • Avoiding accidents – hazardous surfaces, mechanical failure, animals and flying debris, exiting the roadway
  • Transporting other people and cargo
  • Riding in groups
  • When not to ride – drinking, driver fatigue
  • Earning your motorcycle license
  • Information for three-wheelers
  • Correct hand signals
  • Before you ride – checklist