Download the official OH BMV motorcycle manual PDF or view online

If you’re going to take advantage of everything that Ohio has to offer riders, you’re first step is preparing for your motorcycle license written exam. We’ve included a copy of the Ohio Motorcycle Handbook , designed to provide you with essential safety information, traffic laws, and rules specific to riders.  Ohio boasts coastal roadways, fairs and feasts, busy nightlife, quiet country escapes, and nature reserves to explore. What better way to explore the Buckeye state than by motorcycle.

Preparing With the OH Motorcycle Manual

The handbook is an important tool as you prepare for the exam however it is limited.  How will you test your knowledge?  Fortunately, our expert instructors have created a series of practice test questions designed to help you pass the first time.  Our Ohio Motorcycle Practice Tests contain state specific questions and answers just like the real exam.  Used together with the handbook, you’ll be fully prepared to pass the exam with flying colors!

Topics Covered in the Manual

The Ohio Motorcycle Operator’s Handbook is published by the Ohio Department of Public Safety and covers the following topics.

  • Obtaining your motorcycle licence
  • The motorcycle and rider
  • Getting ready – gear, knowledge, responsibilities of the rider
  • Your abilities and limitations – controlling your motorcycle, safe distances, intersections, visibility issues
  • Hazardous and uneven surfaces
  • Failure of mechanical systems
  • Proper motorcycle preparation
  • Transporting cargo and other passengers – signaling with your hands, rules for group riding, passing while in a group formation
  • Proper mindset for riding – drinking, laws, drugs, risk reduction, riding while tired
  • Three-wheeler information