Download the official OK DMV motorcycle manual PDF or view online

If you’re ready to enjoy riding in this motorcycle-friendly state, start becoming familiar with the information found in the Oklahoma Motorcycle Handbook . It’s a comprehensive guide that provides you with essential information on road rules, safety, as well as guidelines specific to motorcycle riders.

Oklahoma has more driveable miles of the famous Route 66 than any other state and also has numerous motorcycle-friendly byways designed especially for riders to venture out on. The landscape is never-tiring, changing from prairies to mountains, and leading to popular Harley Davidson attractions and diners, drive-ins and dives that are popular with motorcycle riders.

Preparing With the OK Motorcycle Manual

While we see the handbook as a valuable resource, by itself it does have its limitations.  Once you become familiar with the information in the handbook, how will you test that knowledge?  By using the Oklahoma motorcycle manual along with our Oklahoma Motorcycle Practice Tests you will be fully prepared for the motorcycle license exam.

Oklahoma is a motorcycle rider’s dream state, not only because of its support of riders on byways but for the expanse of beautiful scenery and motorcycle-friendly attractions.  Start preparing now and in no time you’ll have your motorcycle license in hand and the key in the ignition.

Topics Covered in the Manual

The Oklahoma Motorcycle Operator’s Handbook is published by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and covers the following topics.

  • You and your motorcycle
  • Before you ride – proper gear and motorcycle knowledge
  • Knowing your abilities – controlling your ride, distances, seeing what’s around you, proper intersection protocol, being seen
  • Avoiding an accident – hazardous roadways, mechanical trouble, animals in the road, flying debris
  • Leaving the roadway safely
  • Passengers, cargo and group riding
  • Drinking, drugs and rider fatigue
  • Obtaining your license
  • Supplement for three-wheelers
  • Correct use of hand signals
  • Before you ride T-CLOCS checklist