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Pennsylvania DOT Learner's Permit FAQ

  • When can I apply for a permit in Pennsylvania?

    You can apply for a Learner’s Permit at age 16.

  • What are the requirements to get a learners permit?

    To receive your Learner’s Permit, you will need to pass a written knowledge test and a vision test. Once you receive your permit and begin practicing driving, you must have a licensed driver who is at least 21 years old or a parent or guardian who is at least 18 seated in the front seat with you at all times.

  • How many questions are on the permit test?

    The test has 18 questions.

  • How many questions must I answer correctly to pass?

    You must answer at least 15 questions correctly to pass.

  • What steps should I take to prepare for the test?

    We encourage you to study for the test to ensure you receive your Learner’s Permit as quickly as possible. One effective way to study is to complete online practice exams that feature real sample questions from the test. To test your current driving knowledge click on the following link to take a Pennsylvania practice permit test.

  • What percentage of people fail the permit test?

    Statistics tell us that 70% of first-time test takers fail. Many states also require those who fail to wait at least a day to retake the exam and may charge a re-examination fee. To improve your chances of passing on the first attempt, take multiple practice exams that have been designed to closely follow the actual test.

  • How much does the permit test cost?

    A fee of $24.50 covers the initial permit and a subsequent four-year license.

  • Where do I take the permit test?

    The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Driver and Vehicle Services Program is responsible for licensing drivers. Visit to find an office near you.

  • What documents should I bring on test day?

    In addition to having to pass the written knowledge test and the vision test, you will have to show a completed medical clearance form. Also, plan to have a parent or guardian accompany you to the driver license office and be sure to bring all the necessary identification.

The Pennsylvania DOT Permit Test — What You Need to Know

Getting your learner’s permit is an important moment in one’s life.  It symbolizes a new level of freedom and independence.  But before you can explore Pennsylvania’s roads and highways you will need to pass the state permit test.

It’s important to know that Pennsylvania’s Department of Transportation (DOT) requires you to pass a written test before you are issued a learner’s permit. More commonly known as the Pennsylvania permit test, this test will determine if you have the knowledge to be a safe and courteous driver.  The multiple-choice test contains questions on the rules of the road, Pennsylvania traffic laws, and various road signs.

Pass Your Permit Test With PA DOT Practice Permit Tests

It seems that some people expect to pass the written test simply by showing up to the testing office. How about you? Are you OK with returning to the testing office only to be faced with paying a retest fee, taking the exam all over again? I’m sure you have better things to do with your time.  With statistics revealing that the majority of people fail the exam, it’s essential that you prepare first.

Fortunately, we’ve put together a series of valuable study material.

You’ll find our sample interactive Pennsylvania practice permit test provides a great way to begin practicing and getting valuable feedback. The official Pennsylvania Drivers Handbook is also a great tool to help you prepare for the exam.  Need to get your motorcycle permit?  We have resources to help you with that exam as well.

Regardless of what test you are preparing for, you’ll find the tools needed to begin preparing here.  Start preparing now!