FREE Pennsylvania DOT Road Signs Permit Practice Test 2021 | PA

When you sit for your permit test at the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (DOT) something you are going to need to know are traffic signs and their meanings. To help prepare you for the permit test, we have created a challenging road sign practice test that covers all five major sign categories – informational, guide, warning, emergency and regulatory. If you are serious about earning your permit and learning to drive in “the Keystone State,” this practice exam is a must-take.

You will find 25 multiple choice questions on this practice test. There is also instant feedback on each question so that you know immediately if your answer is correct or incorrect. If you answer incorrectly, you can read the detailed answer explanation to learn why a certain answer is correct.

You can take this practice test an unlimited number of times and each time you take it the questions will be randomly reordered to help ensure you learn the content rather than memorize a particular answer pattern. The test is also completely free to take.

Test questions are drawn from the Pennsylvania drivers handbook, which is also the resource used for the actual permit test. Ready to get started? Take the practice test now to check your sign knowledge. You need to answer at least 20 questions correctly to pass – that’s a score of 80 percent.

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