Download the official PA DOT motorcycle manual PDF or view online

The Declaration of Independence was written in Pennsylvania and what better way to celebrate your independence than heading out on a motorcycle for a ride through this historic state? With 116 state parks, famously known Gettysburg and home to the sweetest place on earth – Hershey, Pennsylvania has a multitude of places to visit on your motorcycle.

Your independence on two wheels is only a license away, so take advantage of the copy of the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Manual and start preparing for the state required motorcycle written test. This informative guide will teach you the essentials of motorcycle safety, rules of the road and special considerations for motorcycle riders.

Preparing With the PA Motorcycle Manual

The manual is a valuable resource but it’s essential that you test that knowledge.  Our Pennsylvania motorcycle permit practice tests are designed to simulate the real exam by providing questions and answers covering the same topics found on the official exam.

So take the first step to open up the possibilities this state has to offer riders, and start preparing now!

Topics Covered in the Manual

The Pennsylvania Motorcycle Manual is published by the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety program and covers the following topics.

  • Getting prepared – proper gear, knowledge of your responsibilities and motorcycle
  • Staying within your ability level – control of your ride, proper distances, observing what’s around you, intersection rules, being seen
  • Avoiding a crash – rough and hazardous surfaces, mechanical issues, wildlife and animals, random objects, leaving the road
  • Your passengers, cargo and riding in groups
  • Your state of mind – drinking, doing drugs and rider fatigue
  • Earning your motorcycle license