FREE Rhode Island DMV Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 2 2021 | RI

The Rhode Island Motorcycle Practice Test Two continues our series of practice exams designed to help you prepare to pass the state written motorcycle test. On this practice exam you will find 25 more questions presented in a format similar to the real test.

All About the RI Motorcycle Practice Test

We have taken 25 more questions from the Rhode Island Motorcycle Operator’s Manual to further test your understanding of manual contents and how to safely operate a motorcycle. We have also formatted this test like the official exam that you will take at the Rhode Island DMV.

We are confident that you will find this test to be a great complement to our first practice test. Like the first test, this test is also:

  • Challenging – test questions cover subjects you need to know to pass the real test
  • Educational – after you answer each questions you will automatically be given the right answer
  • Accessible – the test is mobile friendly so you can take it on your phone if you want
  • Convenient – you can take the test as many times as necessary to learn the content

All About the Test Questions

What gear should you put your motorcycle in when you are stopped? What can you do to reduce your reaction time when riding? On this practice test there are questions like these as well as questions on a variety of other need-to-know subjects like riding on slippery surfaces, riding in traffic, entering an intersection, swerving, stopping and more.

Find out if you are ready to get your license and head out on Rhode Island’s scenic roadways by taking this practice test now. There are some great rides awaiting you – like the Middle Rhode Island Loop.

This ride starts out on RI117-West and goes through three towns – Coventry, Foster and Scituate. Along the way you’ll see forested areas and many lakes including the Flat River Reservoir in Coventry and the Scituate Reservoir.

This is a beautiful, peaceful ride and to take it you need to earn your license. Take our practice test now to see if you have the knowledge necessary to pass the state written test.

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