FREE Rhode Island DMV Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 3 2021 | RI

The Rhode Island Motorcycle Practice Test Three contains more questions to test your understanding of safe motorcycle operation. Find out what you know and what you need to learn to pass the official exam by taking this practice test now.

All About the RI Motorcycle Practice Test

The questions that make up this practice test come from the Rhode Island Motorcycle Operator’s Manual. This manual is also the source of the questions on the official exam that you will take at the Rhode Island DMV.

We have also formatted this practice test to be like the official exam to help you better prepare. In addition, we have included several bonus features to help you study. Those features include:

  • Performance Tracker so you know how many questions you have answered correctly as you take the test
  • Unlimited attempts so you can take the test as many times as you need to learn the content
  • Randomized question order so you can enjoy a new test experience each time you take the test
  • And much more

About the Test Questions

Our experts have written 25 challenging questions that cover a variety of topics that you are likely to see on the real test. From group riding to safety gear to handling turns to passing vehicles to maneuvering in traffic, the questions on this practice test cover the subjects you need to know.

For example, you may be asked on this test: how many feet before your intended turn should you signal? Do motorcycles have blind spots like cars and other vehicles?

Once you pass this test you’ll be one step closer to taking the official exam and earning your license. With your license, you’ll be able to ride any number of scenic roads in Rhode Island, including the roads that make up the Western Rhode Island and Eastern Connecticut Loop. The roads in this loop, which include Route 138 West and Route 1 North among others, will take you by dense forest and lush farmland. You’ll see many lakes and you’ll pass through two state parks – Beach Pond State Park and Arcadia State Park.

Take this practice test to see if you are ready to pass the official exam and receive your license.

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