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A Rhode Island learners permit gives you the credentials—and the freedom—to hone your driving skills out on the road. First, though, you need to pass that permit exam! To help you prepare, we’ve put created the Rhode Island practice permit test number two (the second one in our series, actually) that focuses on the same kind of material you’ll encounter at the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office.

You’ll find here 40 multiple-choice questions that target your knowledge of the Rhode Island Driver’s Manual—just like the DMV’s test will. To pass, you must earn a score of at least 80%.

Reading and rereading the Rhode Island driver’s handbook is one thing; having the ability to test yourself on how well you’re actually absorbing the information takes your prep work to an entirely new level.  

Instant Feedback

Find out how you’re faring with every question: If you make a mistake, we’ll highlight the correct choice in green and explain the answer. In other words, you’ll be able to immediately identify where you’ve stumbled and how to quickly correct it. Whatever the topic you’re struggling with—the maximum driving speed in a Rhode Island alleyway, the meaning of a particular roadside symbol—the practice test’s instant feedback helps you tackle it directly so you’re less likely to make the same mistake down the line.

Performance Tracking

You’ll never be in the dark during our practice test: At all times, the Progress Tracker on the left side of your screen will show you where you are and how many questions you’ve correctly answered.

Unlimited Attempts

We randomize the questions in the Rhode Island practice permit test each time you load it up, so you can take it again and again and always face a brand-new challenge. This makes the test all the more powerful of a tool: As you keep plugging away with the Rhode Island Driver’s Manual, use our quizzes to track the headway you’re making in comprehension.

Rhode Island Specific Questions

Our practice test is representative of the real exam’s coverage and format: You’ll see questions specially aimed at the rules of the road in the Ocean State. Don’t mess around with generic driving exams: Every state has its own unique regulations, and you want to be sure you’re deeply familiarizing yourself with Rhode Island’s.   

Score Sharing

We’ve set it up to make our practice tests all the more fun. How? When you finish a quiz, you’ll have the option of sharing your score with your friends over social media! Just click on the Twitter or Facebook button and lay down a challenge for them! This an excellent way to motivate yourself—share a valuable resource—and take pride in your hard-fought accomplishments.

A learner’s permit is one of those major life milestones, but you have to earn it. Our Rhode Island practice permit test helps you set yourself up for success at the DMV office, so get cracking today!

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