Becoming a licensed driver is an important step but anyone wishing to become a licensed driver in the state of South Dakota must first pass the required written knowledge test. To help you prepare for the test we’ve included a copy of the official South Dakota drivers handbook .

Preparing With the SD Drivers Handbook

We can’t offer you a crystal ball and predict how you’ll do on the South Dakota written test. But we can offer the next best thing… our interactive South Dakota practice permit test. The practice tests were designed to give you a better feel for the multiple-choice format you will find on the real exam.  While the questions may not be exactly the same, they do cover some of the same topics allowing you to get in some much-needed practice.  Take advantage of the South Dakota driver’s handbook , and once you feel you’ve mastered the material, use the practice tests on this site to help you get that all-important feedback!

Topics Covered in the Handbook

The handbook provides essential information on the rules of the road, traffic laws, and road signs. The South Dakota Driver License Manual is published by the Department of Public Safety and covers the following topics.

  • Driver License – examination, renewal, suspensions
  • Before You Drive – check the vehicle, windshields and windows, seat and mirrors
  • Rules of the Road – traffic controls, signals and signs, general rules, right-of-way
  • Safe Driving Tips – visibility, communication, traffic, sharing space
  • Sharing the Road – backing up, passing, blind spots, merging
  • In Shape to Drive – vision and hearing, drinking and driving, fatigue, health
  • Emergencies – brakes, tire failure, avoiding collisions, skids, crashes