This test is based on the official 2024 CDL Manual FREE South Dakota DMV Practice Permit Test Three 2024 | SD

Are you anxious to start driving but afraid to take your South Dakota driving test? Taking a practice test might be just what you need to prepare you for the real thing. The perfect way to prepare yourself is by taking our free South Dakota practice test. Yes, I said FREE.

As much as we dread taking tests, there is always less pressure if the test contains multiple-choice questions. More often than not, when you can see the answer, you can recognize it. Thankfully, this practice test consists of 40 multiple-choice questions based on the information found the official South Dakota Driver’s Handbook.

Our South Dakota practice test number three is filled with the same kinds of questions you’ll get when you take the real test for your learner’s permit. If you’re like many others (myself included), the idea of taking a test can be nerve wracking and scary! You always wonder what’s going to be on the test or if you’re really as prepared as you think you are.

One of the things that make our practice test so great is that well it’s online, and that’s always a good thing! You’re not under any pressure to take it by a certain deadline. You can study at your own pace and take it when you’re ready.

If and when you do pass the practice test, you can be assured that you’re ready to visit the South Dakota DMV to take the real test because our practice test is based on the same subject matter found on the real test. Here are some of the many unique features of the practice test.

South Dakota Based Questions

When it comes to practice tests, nothing is more important than accuracy which is why our practice tests feature state-specific questions. You will need to become familiar with the traffic laws in your state if you want to pass.

Instant Review

Have you ever taken a test online and wished you knew immediately what questions you got wrong?
With this practice test, you won’t have to wait until you’re finished taking the test to see how well you’ve done. Use our handy Progress Tracker to let you know how far along you are in the testing process and what questions you’ve answered correctly.

Unlimited Attempts

You must achieve a score of 80 percent or higher to pass. This practice test can be taken as many times as necessary, so if you don’t pass the first time, no problem. You can retake the test until you’re confident you know the information and are ready to take the real test. Each time you take the practice test, you’re getting an entirely new test but with the same type of questions.

Share the Good News

If you’re on social media, and who isn’t today, you can share your score with all your friends. It’s a great way to share your good news with friends, particularly if you and a group of friends are all taking the tests together. All you have to do is click on the Twitter or Facebook when you finish the test and your scores are shared!

  • Identify Knowledge Gaps
  • Track Your Progress
  • Unlimited Attempts
  • Get Detailed Feedback
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South Dakota Permit Practice Test Overview:
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20Number of questions required to pass
80Percentage required to pass
South Dakota DMV Manual 2024

The South Dakota Drivers Manual is a powerful study tool to help you begin preparing for the South Dakota permit or license test. Get your FREE copy here!


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