Free Tennessee DMV Practice Permit Test Two 2021 | TN

Are you getting ready to take the test for a Tennessee learners permit—and chomping at the bit to get behind the wheel? You can get a better sense of what the exam will cover—and how you’ll perform under the stress of a testing environment—by taking the second Tennessee practice permit test in our series.  Our test features 40 multiple-choice questions formulated from the material in the Tennessee Driver’s Handbook. If you earn a score of 80% or higher, you’ll pass! The test is designed to be taken more than once, offering a great way to gauge your progress studying for the real deal.

Instant Feedback

You’ll be getting solid practical feedback even as you work through the test. If you choose the wrong answer, we’ll highlight the correct one for you and explain the logic behind it.

Performance Tracking

You’ll always know how far along in the test you are—and how many questions you’ve been able to answer correctly—by checking on the Progress Tracker on the left side of the screen.

Unlimited Attempts

Our practice test serves up a randomized set of questions each time you open it, so you can take it again and again and experience a fresh quiz.

Tennessee Specific Questions

The practice test has a specific focus: the driving rules and regulations covered in the Tennessee Driver’s Handbook. It offers a close simulation of the actual exam, making it a highly valuable resource.

Missed Question Bank

We all miss a few questions here and there which is why we’ve included a personalized Missed Question Bank.  When you answer a question incorrectly it will be added to your Missed Question Bank for review later.  Save time by focusing only on the areas that need a bit more attention.

Don’t procrastinate.  Start preparing for your written knowledge test now.

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