utah-road-signGetting your Utah driver’s license doesn’t have to be frustrating and time consuming. If you’re ready to apply but aren’t sure where to begin, you’ve come to the right place. Our easy-to-follow guide will help you understand each step of the process, from preparing for the permits to getting your to eventually earning unrestricted driving privileges.

Like most other states, Utah requires that all young drivers go through a Graduated Driver’s License Program (GDL), a multi-stage process that helps you learn crucial driving skills while remaining under the supervision of a licensed driver. GDL programs have been shown to make the roads safer by reducing traffic accidents caused by a lack of driving experience.

The Utah GDL program includes three stages:

  • Learner Permit
  • Intermediate License
  • Full License

This guide will demonstrate how to pass the Utah permit test and eventually go on to become a fully licensed driver.

Learner’s Permit

When you are at least 15 years old, you will be allowed to apply for your Learner Permit in Utah. To do so, you will be required to pass a 50-question written permit test that will check your knowledge of the rules of the road as well as traffic signs.

Study, Study, Study

Study is very important if you want to pass the permit test on your first try. We offer a free copy of the Utah Driver’s Handbook for you to use, and you can request a physical copy by visiting the offices of the Utah Department of Public Safety (DPS), who is in charge of driver’s licenses in the state.

Make Sure to Take Practice Exams

If you aren’t taking practice exams, you are missing out on a valuable resource. Our Utah practice permit test includes many of the same topics you will find on the actual exam, and passing it before you try the real thing should give you a good idea of how prepared you are.

Visit the DPS Offices and Take Your Tests

On the day of your test, bring along:

  • Your completed Learner Permit application, which your parent or guardian must sign.
  • Your birth certificate, Social Security number and proof of Utah residence. Mail or utility bills in your parent or guardian’s name can count as proof of residence.
  • $15.00 in fees.

Now, you will be given the permit test. Do your best to remain focused and remember everything you studied. When you pass, you will also be asked to do a vision test and fill out a medical questionnaire, which will determine whether you are healthy enough to drive. Your picture will also be taken for your license at this time, so be sure to wear a shirt you like!

Get to Practicing

While holding your permit, you must complete 40 hours of practice driving while under the supervision of a licensed driver age 18 or over. Of those hours, 10 must take place at night. Your parent or guardian must provide a signature to show that you completed this practice.

To move on to the next stage in the GDL process, you will also be required to complete a state-approved driver’s education course at this time.

Intermediate License

When you are 16 years old and you have held your permit for six months, you are eligible to apply for your Intermediate License. To do so, you will be required to pass a behind-the-wheel road test, which will check how well you maintain control over your vehicle and observe traffic signs and laws.

When you are ready, schedule an appointment at the DPS offices. On test day, be sure to bring along:

  • Your completed Driver License Application.
  • Your Learner Permit.
  • Your parent or guardian, who must sign to prove that you completed your practice driving.
  • $30 in fees.

Note: You also have an option of scheduling your driving test with a third-party company or taking it as a part of driver’s education. If you do either of these options, you will not need to do the test again at the DPS offices.

When you pass your driving test, you will need to also pass another vision test and fill out another medical questionnaire. When you do, you will be given your Intermediate License, which comes with some restrictions. Unless you are supervised by a licensed adult over age 21, you may not:

  • Drive between midnight and 5 a.m. except when traveling to and from work.
  • Drive with passengers under the age of 18 who are not family members for the first six months of holding the license.

Driver’s License

When you are 17 years old and you have held your Intermediate License for at least six months, the restrictions will be removed from your license.

Congratulations! You may now drive without restriction.

Additional Information

When you pay your $15 in fees for the Learner Permit, you will have three chances to pass the permit test over the course of the next year. If you don’t pass during this time, you will need to pay an additional fee.