Download the official UT DMV motorcycle manual PDF or view online

There are three scenic regions in the state of Utah that beckon motorcycle riders from across the country and around the world.  The Rocky Mountain region of the state is in the northern part and has a number of scenic roads perfect for a ride.  In the western third of the state, the Great Basin has rugged areas and small mountain ranges while the Colorado Plateau features winding roads through buttes, mesas, and deep river canyons.  But before you can plan a dream ride through this state, you’ll need a motorcycle license and that means passing the Utah motorcycle written test.

With over half of all test-takers failing the exam, it’s essential you prepare.  The first step on this journey is to become familiar with the information found in the Utah Motorcycle Operator’s Handbook .  This handbook will provide you with the information you need to not only prepare for the exam but become a safe rider.

Preparing With the UT Motorcycle Manual

While the UT Motorcycle Manual is a great preparation tool it just doesn’t have the ability to test your knowledge.  Our expert instructors have created a series of practice questions covering some of the same topics on the real Utah motorcycle exam.  Our Utah permit practice tests used together with the manual are a powerful test prep tool.

Topics Covered in the Manual

An official publication of the Utah Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) , the Utah Motorcycle Manual contains the following subjects:

  • Motorcycling in Utah
  • Preparing to Ride
  • Riding Withing Your Abilities
  • Basic Vehicle Control
  • Keeping Your Distance
  • SEE
  • Intersections
  • Increasing Your Visibility
  • Avoiding Crashes
  • Handling Dangerous Surfaces
  • Mechanical Problems
  • Animals
  • Flying Objects
  • Getting Off the Road
  • Carrying Passengers and Cargo
  • Group Riding
  • Being in Shape to Ride
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs in Motorcycle Operation
  • Alcohol In the Body
  • Alcohol and the Law
  • Fatigue