Scenic roads through the Appalachian Mountains and northern Kentucky river region to famous destinations like Churchill Downs, motorcycle riders in the Bluegrass State have a lot to be thankful for.  But before you get started, you’ll need a motorcycle license in this state and that means passing the required motorcycle written test.

You can take that all-important first step toward getting your license by becoming familiar with the information in the Kentucky Motorcycle Operator’s Handbook .  This handbook has everything you need to know about Kentucky traffic laws.

Preparing With the KY Motorcycle Manual

If you want to increase your chances of passing your license test the first time and getting on the road as soon as possible, you’ll want to get a copy of our Kentucky Motorcycle Permit Practice Tests.  When used in combination with the handbook, these practice tests will help simulate the real exam so you’ll know exactly what to expect on test day.  Take the first step towards becoming a licensed rider in the Bluegrass State today!

Topics Covered in the Manual

The Kentucky Motorcycle Operator’s Handbook is an official publication of the Kentucky Department of Transportation.  It includes the following:

  • All licensing information
  • Pre-ride checklists
  • Passengers and cargo
  • State laws and best practices involving distances between vehicles
  • Riding in groups
  • Tips on avoiding collisions with animals
  • Proper equipment
  • Maintenance
  • Hand signals for change of direction and stops
  • Safely getting off the road