Practice makes perfect , and the best way to practice for your permit test is with practice tests that are as close as possible to the real exam.
Every question includes detailed answer explanations to help you better understand the concepts and topics being tested. Get instant feedback.
Track your progress and performance during and after your test session. Get a detailed score report and a list of missed questions for later review.
Complete coverage of each state's drivers handbook. Questions cover every major section from road signs to the rules of the road.

The Smarter Way to Prepare for Your Permit Test


What You Need to Know


The permit test is a written knowledge test required by every state before you can earn your learners permit.  The test is administered at your local state licensing agency office usually via computer while some states still use traditional pencil and paper exams.  While the total number of questions and passing rates vary by state, you can expect to be tested on the same universal concepts, including:

  • Traffic Signs, Signals. and Road Markings
  • Vehicle Systems, Headlights, Wipers
  • Defensive Driving, Speed, Lanes, Intersections
  • Sharing the Road, Accident Prevention
  • Impaired Driving Consequences

Test Prep Made Easy


Regardless whether you are pursuing your learners permit, driver’s license, or motorcycle license, you are required to first pass the written test so its essential you have the right study tools.  We’ve assembled a huge collection of practice test questions covering every relevant section of each state’s drivers handbook to ensure you have everything you need to pass on test day. 

By combining a huge database of powerful test questions with an interactive and fun online testing platform, we’ve created one of the most efficient and effective studying systems for driver education.   

 Why PracticePermitTest.com?


With a large percentage of aspiring drivers failing the permit test every year, we knew their was a strong demand for help improving  test-taking performance.  Students who take a PracticePermitTest.com learners permit practice test are five times more likely to pass than the national average.  Practice tests have proven to be one of the best ways to retain more information and improve scores.   A practice test can help cement their knowledge as opposed to using the drivers handbook alone.


Helpful Explanations

Every practice test question includes a detailed explanation to ensure you fully understand the concepts being tested.  This powerful feedback is designed to help reinforce the information   So even if you aren’t all that familiar with your states driving rules, taking this test is a great way to learn and get more familiar with the content you’ll eventually need to know to pass the real test.


Progress Tracking

We provide a color-coded tracking system that lets you know with a glance how many questions you’ve answered correctly, how many questions you’ve answered incorrectly and how many questions are remaining in the test.


Post-Test Review

After you’ve taken a practice test, you can go back and quickly review questions so that you better understand why you got that particular answer incorrect or correct (if you guessed).  Save time by quickly identifying only the areas that need improvement.


Created by Experts

Our experts have studied your state’s drivers handbook and developed a set of challenging questions that will test your knowledge of the rules of the road. Do you have what it takes to pass? Find out what you know and what you need to study by taking our free practice permit tests now.

Ready to get started? Select your state and see if you are ready for the actual exam. Remember, our practice tests are not only a great way to test your current knowledge but also a great way to prepare for the actual test-taking experience itself.