The state of Massachusetts has a variety of choice for motorcycle enthusiasts.  In the western portion of the state, the lush Berkshire Mountains form a scenic backdrop to a ride and in the east, you can experience the sandy beaches and towering bluffs of Cape Cod.  This state is home to some of the most important Revolutionary War battle sites and is home to the premier university in the land, Harvard.

But before you can explore all the state has to offer on two wheels, you’ll need to get your motorcycle license and that means passing the state required written motorcycle test.  To help get you started we’ve included a copy of the Massachusetts Motorcycle Operator’s Handbook .  This handbook will help you to obtain the knowledge you need to not only prepare for the exam but navigate the roads safely as a rider.

Preparing With the MA Motorcycle Manual

Why leave the testing office empty-handed when you could ensure you pass. Our Massachusetts Motorcycle Practice Tests are designed to simulate the real test so you don’t have any surprises on test.  When used alongside the handbook, our practice tests are a powerful tool.  Take your first step towards becoming a licensed rider now!

Topics Covered in the Manual

 The Massachusetts Motorcycle Operator’s Handbook is a publication of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.  It features the following topics among many others:

  • Ride preparation
  • Tips on helping motorists to better see you
  • Hand signals used for turns
  • Cargo and passengers
  • Pre-ride checklists
  • How to avoid collisions with animals
  • The licensing process
  • Riding in groups
  • Mechanical problems
  • How your mental state of mind affects your ability to react and ride safely
  • Normal maintenance