Download the official SC motorcycle manual PDF or view online

What better way to discover the roads and highways in the state of South Carolina than to do it on a motorcycle, with the wind and sun in your face, the sights and sounds encompassing you as you ride along. Whether you want to head to the beach, explore the outdoors, or head out on a culinary adventure, South Carolina has it all.
Before you can explore all that South Carolina has to offer, you’ll need to get your motorcycle license and that means passing the required motorcycle written test. Start preparing now by becoming familiar with the information in the South Carolina Motorcycle Handbook .  This informative guide contains critical motorcycle safety information, road rules, and specific material for motorcycle riders.

Preparing With the SC Motorcycle Manual

The handbook is a good first step as you prepare for the exam however it does have its limitations.  You will need to test that knowledge at some point and that’s where practice tests come in.  Our South Carolina Motorcycle Practice Tests have been created by experts and cover the same material found on the official exam. Combined with the handbook, you’ll have everything you need to pass the first time!

Topics Covered in the Manual

The South Carolina Motorcycle Operator’s Handbook is published by the South Carolina DMV and covers the following topics.

  • How to get a motorcycle license
  • Getting familiar with your motorcycle
  • Getting prepared to ride – proper clothing and protective gear
  • Being comfortable with your motorcycle – defensive driving, safety, being visible and seeing what’s around you, proper head checks, posture, your mirrors, positioning
  • Avoiding danger – condition of roadways, traffic considerations, exiting the road quickly
  • Driving maneuvers – riding in groups, proper group formation, passing, riding with passengers and cargo
  • Hazardous and dangerous road surfaces
  • Laws for motorcyclists
  • Motorcycle maintenance
  • Your motorcycle test
  • Taking your test with a sidecar