Preparing With the AL Motorcycle Manual

We’ve got you covered!  The Alabama motorcycle manual is designed to help you begin preparing for the state required written portion of the motorcycle license test and ultimately make you a safer and more knowledgeable rider. With statistics revealing that nearly 50% of people fail the motorcycle written test every year, it’s essential that you arm yourself with all the tools available to help boost your chances of success. While the handbook is a great tool, it has its limitations. Once you become familiar with the information in the handbook, it’s critical that you test that knowledge, and that’s where our practice tests can truly help. We offer interactive Alabama motorcycle permit practice test designed to introduce you to some of the the same material found on the real exam. So why put it off any longer?  Start preparing now and before you know it you’ll be experiencing the freedom of the open road!

Topics Covered in the Manual

Published by the Alabama Department of Public Safety (DPS), the Alabama Motorcycle Operators Manual provides information about preparing to ride, riding within your abilities, being in shape to ride. Specifically the handbook covers:

  • Preparing to ride – wearing the right gear, knowing your motorcycle, responsibilities
  • Basic vehicle control
  • Keeping Your Distance
  • SEE – Search, evaluate, execute
  • Intersections
  • Increasing your visibility
  • Handling dangerous surfaces
  • Responding to Mechanical Problems
  • Road hazards – animals, flying objects
  • Getting off the road
  • Carrying passengers and cargo
  • Group riding
  • Being fit to ride – alcohol and the body, alcohol and the law, fatigue
  • Earning your license
  • Hand signals
  • Pre-ride checklist