Before you can join the legions of other drivers and explore the roads and highways of California you are going to need to become a legally licensed driver. All residents of the state of California looking to become licensed drivers must first pass the required state drivers written exam.

The official California Drivers Handbook is a great place to start as you work towards passing the test. Reviewing its content will not only help you prepare for the test it will also help make sure that you understand what it takes to stay safe on the road.

Preparing With the CA Drivers Handbook

While reviewing the information in the handbook is a solid first step at some point you are going to need to test your level of knowledge. This is where practice tests give a truly unique solution. Our California practice permit tests are designed to simulate the test questions of the official California DMV written test. Removing the guesswork and apprehension from the test means you’ll leave your local DMV office a licensed driver!

Topics Covered in the Handbook

The California Driver Handbook is published by the California Department of Motor Vehicles and covers the following topics.

  • Driver’s licensing procedures – documentation, permit and license requirements
  • Minors – permit restrictions, traffic violations, provisional license
  • Seat Belts – child restraints, air bags, unattended children
  • Rules of the Road – right of way, speed limits, locations
  • Turns, Parking – legal U-turns, illegal turns, illegal parking
  • Safe Driving – signaling, steering, merging
  • Sharing the Road – large trucks, motorcycles, bicycles
  • Driving Tips – cell phones, collision avoidance, hazards
  • Loss of License – insurance, drugs and DUI, tickets, speeding, suspension